Friday, September 04, 2009

Book Happenings

On Thursday afternoon, I received a shipment of books. I unpacked the boxes, counted them, took pictures, etc. Contrary to suggestions I received from a surprising number of sources, I did NOT roll around in them or sleep with them. I left them in neat stacks on the dining room table, where they still were when I got up this morning.

Another pleasant surprise this morning was a very nice article about me in my local newspaper: Author finds inspiration for short stories in the Valley. The article had originally been scheduled for last Sunday and with each day that passed I figured it was not ever going to appear. But the timing couldn't have been better, given that my first book signing is tomorrow, and the placement on page 3 instead of page 1 hardly seems to matter. [The reporter did a very good job with the piece I thought, although she gave me a BA from Harvard instead of Northwestern (conflating undergrad and graduate degrees, I guess); as mistakes go, that's not bad.]

After a morning writing session that mostly consisted of not writing, I sat down to inscribe some books. I've got a lot to ship and I didn't want to do it all at once. I had some errands in town--a few people mentioned the article--and then did some more signing. Later in the afternoon I took a bunch of books to the post office and then stopped at both the stores in town that had already agreed to carry the book. I signed some books and left them with the owners of the stores. That was a good feeling.

And tomorrow is the big day when I face the public. I'm not doing a reading, but I'll be at The Sacred Circle bookstore for several hours and I already know of a number of people who plan to come in during that time to buy books. I've got my signing pen ready!


Kevin Watson said...

You were supposed to roll around in them. It adds value!

Mitzi said...

I'm sure you were *tempted* to roll around in them, yes?

It must be surreal to be surrounded by your books, to be signing and shipping off your creations. BTW, is this your first book?

Clifford Garstang said...

Maybe a little tempted.

First PUBLISHED book, yes. I haven't given up entirely on the novel that preceded it in time of creation, though.

Mitzi said...

Well that makes this whole experience that much sweeter. Congrats.

I can't imagine working on a novel... so many things to juggle, to pull together. I'm sure you'll get yours where you want it -- you're a terrific writer.