Friday, January 26, 2007


One of the pleasures of my recent stay in Mexico was the Bed & Breakfast where I stayed in Tepoztlan: Los Golondrinas. While its location left something to be desired--I love to walk, and to get from there to the workshop each day would have taken about 45 minutes, and there just wasn't time for that so I usually took a taxi--inside the property's walls it was a pure delight. Not only was Marisol, the hostess, charming and helpful, but her artistic sensibility has created a beautiful home and garden. And then there was breakfast, a feast every morning. Most mornings we would have music with breakfast, a touch that I enjoyed. Usually it was something classical, but one morning was something different: solo piano. Or so I thought.

I asked Marisol about it and she showed me the disc, a DVD called "Simbiosis" by Manuel Obregon, produced by Papaya Music. And when I got home I ordered it--not the DVD version, which I didn't see the first time I looked--but the CD. And that's what I'm listening to right now. And as it turns out, it isn't solo piano. It is "piano and rainforest" (piano y bosque iluvioso), as in birds and monkeys. I like it. You can listen to a sample on Papaya's site.

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