Tuesday, December 19, 2006

VCCA Day 6

All the visual artists left today. Very strange. In the morning I worked on two new stories for the collection: "The Developer's Dilemma" and "The Professor's Daughter." The latter title definitely will not stay as it is the title of Emily Raboteau's book, but it's a useful working title for this particular piece. I don't particularly love the other title either, but it will do for now.

In the afternoon, despite having not accomplished all that much in the morning, I joined Sarah and Vivian for a drive up the mountain. We stopped at a wayside and hiked for an hour and a half on the Appalachian Trail. Beautiful. A nice break.

Dinner was odd with our dwindling group and afterwards I went back to the studio to do some more work.

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Jim said...

Enjoying your week, Cliff, vicariously.