Wednesday, December 20, 2006

VCCA Day 7

Not much to report. I worked reasonably well on one of the last stories in the collection, "The Kingdom of Witness." Maybe. In the afternoon I mostly worked on Liberation Day, as I am quite close to finishing the rough draft. It is probably going to need a different ending, and there is a lot of layering in of thematic material that is still to come, but this will be a good basis.

We had nice presentations in the evening. First, composer Sabang Cho played a CD of her composition Aqua for Piana Trio and explained the inspiration for it, which was fascinating. Marianne Swierenga read an essay from Del Sol Review about her college job as a pastry chef. Lastly, Jan Hamer showed a DVD of a portion of a performance of her opera-in-progress. Very exciting--it's a major work and will be fantastic when she finishes.

Scrabble in the evening. I lost!

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Chris Duncan said...

Hey, Cliff! Just wanted to say hi and have a great Christmas!