Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Off to Sewanee

You know this already, but I'm going to the Sewanee Writers' Conference, which starts later today. I've got a healthy drive ahead of me, which I don't mind at all--I've got a book on tape cued up (a mystery, nothing worth mentioning, so I won't), I know the route, and the weather is supposed to be clear (and hot). I'm not quite as prepared as I'd hoped to be. There were some books by faculty that I'd planned to read, and I'd hoped to practice more the selection I've chosen for my short reading. Fortunately, though, that's a week off so I'll be able to work on that some before I take the stage.

Oh, right. The point of this post is that I'll try to provide commentary about Sewanee regularly--it may not be daily, but I'll do what I can.

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katrina said...

Good luck, Cliff! Have a great time!