Monday, March 27, 2006

LitMag Wave

When Dan Wickett kindly mentioned Perpetual Folly in the
EWN Blog
yesterday, he said that my Litmag Reviews seem to come in waves. That’s a spot-on description, not only for the reviews but for the literary journals themselves: like waves, the magazines are never ending, they just keep coming, piling on the shore, and must be dealt with. So get ready for another wave this week. On my desk at this moment are several worthy magazines that need attention: Golden Handcuffs Review, One Story, Fugue, Small Spiral Notebook, Subtropics, Prairie Schooner, and more. Stay tuned!


katrina said...

I like the look and the concept of The Golden Handcuffs Review and Subtropics looks good, too.

Clifford Garstang said...

I agree about Golden Handcuffs--I really like the idea of the responses to the stories and I can't wait to see how that feels once I dig in.