Friday, January 01, 2010

2009 New Yorker Story of the Year: And the Winner is . . .

The polls have closed and the votes have been counted. We have a tie! Sharing the New Yorker Story of the Year honor for 2009 are two excellent stories, "A Tiny Feast" by Chris Adrian and "Victory Lap" by George Saunders. Another fine story, "Idols," by Tim Gautreaux, came just one vote shy of making it a three-way tie.

Congratulations to Chris Adrian and George Saunders!

And thanks to all who voted!


Unknown said...

“She’s the One” by Tessa Hadley

1 (2%)

“A Tiny Feast” by Chris Adrian

10 (20%)

“Vast Hell” by Guillermo Martínez

3 (6%)

“Good Neighbors” by Jonathan Franzen

1 (2%)

“Idols” by Tim Gautreaux

9 (18%)

“Temporary” by Marisa Silver

3 (6%)

“Victory Lap” by George Saunders

10 (20%)

“Complicity” by Julian Barnes

2 (4%)

“While the Women are Sleeping” by Javier Marías

6 (12%)

“Midnight in Dostoevsky” by Don DeLillo

5 (10%)

cmsmw said...

I thought about logging on to another computer and putting in another vote for "Idols" but didn't get around to it. Dang! :-)

Lakin said...

It was a straight-up tie between "Idols" and "Victory Lap" for me; I love both Gatreaux's and Saunder's work... for different reasons. That I voted for one and not the other had probably as much to do with butterflies flapping their wings in China as a decision on which story was "better." I think it shows the sophistication of the voters and the strengths of all three top stories, each rather different than the other, that they came in so close.