Saturday, December 24, 2011

"The Replacement Wife" in Blackbird

One of my favorite literary magazines is Blackbird, and so I am especially thrilled to have a story in the Fall 2011 issue. Read "The Replacement Wife" here. The story is the latest from my forthcoming novel in stories to appear. The book, What the Zhang Boys Know, will be published by Press 53 in September 2012.

My story is in great company in this issue: fiction by Belle Boggs, Bryn Chancellor, and others; lots of poetry, including work by Erica Dawson and Nick Lantz; plus reviews, essays, readings, and more. There's even a suggested reading order, which I find amusing because it puts my story last, right before the reviews. But it's a great idea, because there's so much wonderful material here that the list will help you manage it without missing anything!

Thanks for reading!

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