Saturday, January 01, 2011

2010 New Yorker Story of the Year: "Foster" by Claire Keegan

Congratulations to Claire Keegan, whose brilliant short story "Foster" has been chosen as the 2010 New Yorker Story of the Year! Thank you to everyone who voted this year.

Here is the discussion we had about this story when it appeared in February: "Foster" by Claire Keegan.

Runner-up was "Costello" by Jim Gavin. Third place goes to "Boys Town" by Jim Shepard. Both of those were also wonderful stories.

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Clifford Garstang said...

"Fjord of Killary" by Kevin Barry—1
"Foster" by Claire Keegan—12
"I.D." by Joyce Carol Oates—2
"The Pilot" by Joshua Ferris—3
"The Blue Djinn" by Tea Obreht—5
"The Landlord" by Wells Tower—7
"Corrie" by Alice Munro—3
"Boys Town" by Jim Shepard—9
"The Yellow" by Samantha Hunt—6
"Costello" by Jim Gavin—10