Tuesday, April 06, 2010

AWP- 2010 Conference

I leave early Wednesday for Denver: AWP- 2010 Conference. If you're a writer and haven't been to one of these events, set your sights on DC in 2011, Chicago in 2012, or Boston in 2013. This will be my fourth in row (Atlanta, New York, Chicago, and now Denver) after missing opportunities to attend the Vancouver and Austin conferences in earlier years. About 5,000 writers attend -- New York was overwhelming, with something like 7,000 -- and there are panels on just about every subject imaginable pertaining to writing and the teaching of writing. In addition, though, there are parties and other networking opportunities. And the best thing of all is the bookfair.

This year I'll be hanging around some at the Press 53 table, where signed copies of my book will be available: In an Uncharted Country.

And I plan to do some blogging and tweeting from the conference -- if I can find the time.


katrina said...

Have a great time, Cliff!!

Anonymous said...

I had a couple of questions about Press 53, which I can't find answered in their website.

Are they a POD publisher?
Do they have print runs?