Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Top Books of 2009

Lots of lists floating around about the best books of the year. I haven't really focused on them much, but here's a manageable list of just ten: Janet Maslin's Top Ten Books of 2009. Congratulations to Dan Chaon for making this list with his Await Your Reply. As that's the only one here I own, it's likely to be the only one I'll read any time soon . . .


KaWi said...

Hi Cliff,

I don't think it deserves a top ten nomination, but a book I'm in the middle of, that I think you'd enjoy, is Man of Constant Sorrow by Ralph Stanley. Fellow Virginia boy. Great voice. Take a peek.

Your student,

Kathleen Williamson

Clifford Garstang said...

Thanks for the recommendation. I imagine that's a popular book around here.

KaWi said...


Just read your bio and see you're not a native Southerner! But since it's your adopted home, I'm sure you have a kindred spirit.