Thursday, April 16, 2009

HTML Giant Secret Santa/Bunny Comes Through

Three cheers for HTML Giant! Last week, with my tongue firmly in cheek, I complained that I never got got my Secret Santa gift in the HTML Giant scheme back at Christmas, and I speculated that maybe the HTML Giant Secret Easter Bunny would come through instead. Not so secret Ryan, one of the HTML Giant contributors and, as I recall, the brains behind the Secret Santa venture, this week sent me three books.

And now I feel guilty for my whining. Thanks, Ryan.


Tim Jones-Yelvington said...

That Ryan Call seems like a class act.

What books did he send?

Clifford Garstang said...

Yeah, Ryan's a good guy.

2 of the books I already had--not complaining, here, just saying: Mary Miller's Big World and the DC Poets Against the War anthology. Plus Sometimes My Heart Pushes My Ribs by Ellen Kennedy.

I'll make sure the first 2 find good homes--they're both really good books--and I look forward to reading the 3rd.