Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cliff wants . . .

To discover what you secretly wish for, Google "[your name] wants" (and don't forget the quotation marks, or it won't work), then list the first 10 items that make sense. Post your results in a comment here, or just chuckle to yourself . . .

Cliff wants less controller buttons, more waggle.
Cliff wants to beat X Factor.
Now Cliff wants a threesome.
Cliff wants to ring a chicken's neck.
Cliff wants private loo in Celebrity Big Brother.
Coach Cliff wants you to have a healthy holiday break.
Cliff wants to hear from you.
Cliff wants musicians to receive royalty payments.
Cliff wants another word for Thesaurus.
If Cliff wants to start, he better get that area between his ears in order.


Ania Vesenny said...

Thanks, Cliff. That was more fun than I thought.

Ania wants you to join their mob in Mobsters
ania wants life to be easier
ania wants to sleep still
ania wants to bed, asap
ania wants time to pass faster and preferably skip Monday
Ania wants to infect others with her love of music.
Ania wants us to go off to Kovno
Ania wants to escape

Jim Tomlinson said...'s worth a try.

Jim Wants To Be A Millionaire.
Saint Jim wants cheery cheerio.
Jim wants to play badminton, but his kids see him as too old for such things.
Jim Wants a Floor Stapler Haiku.
Jim wants the car moved.
Jim wants to go to the Ball.
Jim wants to have two properties.
Jim wants to meet big losers.
Big Jim Wants To Have A Word With You.
Jim wants pancakes.

GO said...

Gabriel wants to be your DJ
Gabriel Wants Full Auctioning in the CO2 trade
Gabriel wants YouTube for human rights
Gabriel wants you to remix "Shock the Monkey...
Gabriel wants what he can't have
Gabriel wants Revolution
Gabriel wants Revolution with pictures, videos, personal blog, interests, information about me and more.
Gabriel Wants You to Re-Shock the Monkey
Gabriel wants to Filter your music
Gabriel Wants An Artist-led Digital Revolution
Gabriel wants to help organize entertainment options

Mary Akers said...

Mary Wants to Kill
Mary wants to be Hilary
Mary wants us to sell the house
Mary wants John to kiss her
Mary wants him to come and eat dinner at once
Mary wants the policeman to eat the leg of lamb
Mary wants the child to love her
Mary wants them in St. Pat's parade
Mary wants the man not to read the book in the classroom
Mary wants either a Cadillac or a Rolls-Royce

lucy said...

Tom wants 10 kids.
Tom wants to kill bill.
Tom wants some fucking cash for all his hard goddam work
Tom wants to win "Strictly"
Tom wants your job.
Tom wants excitement.
Tom wants to do Dizzee Rap.
Tom wants to put your photos on his web site.
Tom wants to hear from the haters who hate the homeless and why. Tom wants to here about the cheapest holiday party ever.