Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sewanee: Day 5

I took a walk this morning before breakfast, down toward "the cross," and saw several fearless deer along the way. After breakfast I had my conference with Tim O'Brien, which went well, and then I caught the tail end of the fellows reading--I had wanted to see the whole thing, but the conference took precedence, clearly.

Then there was Romulus Linney's craft lecture, about the origins of Ibsen's play, The Master Builder. A little disturbing, but enlightening.

After lunch I did my reading for Monday and then there was a reading by N. S. Thompson (poetry in translation) followed by cocktails on the lawn, followed by a "picnic" that wasn't really a picnic.

The evening was a reading by Claudia Emerson that was superb.

And then there was the first of two dances. Drinking and dishing ensued.

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