Sunday, December 16, 2007

Novel and Short Story Writers' Market

I used to buy this directory every year in order to have the most current information about the magazines I submit to and their submission guidelins. But the book isn't cheap and is often out-of-date before it's printed; plus, almost every magazine I would want to submit to has a website now, even if they publish dead-tree editions, so it makes sense to have this information available online. Then comes which provides links to every conceivable magazine, as well as submission tracking. I gave up on NSSWM.

But now, is it time to reconsider? Via Google I learned that I was mentioned recently on a blog I'd not heard of. It turns out to be the Editor's Blog for the new NSSWM website. (I was tangential to the piece, which was really about the editor of a magazine that published a story of mine this year.) I quick look around suggests there's good stuff there. I'll be back to explore some more. Will it be enough to reclaim my loyalty?


Ann said...

Ooohhh. Perhaps that's where I should look. I just had someone email a story to me, presumably thinking that I'm an editor or something. I asked where he found my name and he said it was from this publication. Perhaps I was mentioned on the blog? I'm a writer, not an editor. I was mystified, to say the least. I told him that I would gladly read his story, give him feedback and suggest markets to him if only he would tell me more about this listing. Of course, the logical thing to do, I suppose, would be to check a copy out of the library (it was the 2007 edition). But, since I'm not an editor, where would I be listed? In the index? I used to be asst. editor for a now-defunct magazine. That would certainly go along with the out-of-dateness that you mentioned. It folded about three years ago.

I use mostly, since I write SF/F. Duotrope is good, too.

Waiting with baited breath for the answer to this mystery.


Marlow said...

I used to be one of those that looked everywhere to submit my stories and now the internet has so many ezines it's hard to know where to start.
Then I came accross this publisher and I got published into a hard copy pocket book. I get paid for my stories and they are selling well.
If you write short stories, I mean real ones not just articles for ezines, then check this out.