Sunday, December 16, 2007


First there were Literary Magazines, or LitMags. Then there were Literary Blogs (LitBlogs), often (such as this one) primarily about LitMags. And lately we've seen a trend toward LitMags starting their own blogs: LitMagBlogs. They make functional extensions of the magazine's website, allow frequent updating of content and some meta-commentary that might not fit anywhere else on the site, and also offer interaction between readers (almost all of those souls also being writers, I suspect). A few of these LitMagBlogs have been around for a while, but lately I've noticed something of boom and so I thought it would be useful to include in the sidebar links directly to the LitMagBlogs I know about. Usually you can navigate there by going to the main website and hunting for the link, but now you don't have to! (And neither do I.)

I've got links for a bunch: Virginia Quarterly Review, Ploughshares, Sycamore Review, Georgia Review, Indiana Review, Smokelong Quarterly, One Story, Phoebe, Missouri Review, Kenyon Review, Ninth Letter and ZYZZYVA, and I'll add more as I learn about them.


Dan Wickett said...

Nice, Cliff - I've been scribbling down these URL's to do something similar so now I will be copying you!

By the way, Hobart has one, not that it's filled in all that frequently -

Clifford Garstang said...

Thanks, Dan. I saw Hobart's blog earlier today and noticed it hadn't been updated in a while, but I guess I'll add it to the list anyway . . .

Dan Wickett said...

Yeah, they have that once per month thing going lately.

Pete said...

Cliff, good work. Here's a few more:

Backwards City



Ninth Letter



Sycamore Review

Clifford Garstang said...

Thanks, Pete. Had all those except Dogmatika (a new magazine to me) and Storyglossia, which I'll add right now.

hobart said...

Thanks for the reminder, Dan.
We're trying to get better! Really we are! We might even be able to get that to 2-4 posts per month in the new year!

Colie said...

At Fence we've just updated our website to feature a LitMagBlog, or simply to experiment with one (you tell us the results [but give us a chance to make good on it first.]) See it at