Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Pushcart Prizes

Writers have been hearing in recent weeks that their work has been selected for a Pushcart Prize. (Nominations were submitted by December 1, nominees notified in February, and selections were, apparently, in March and April.) We (the reading public) won't know the full list until the anthology is released in October, but word is leaking out. Two that I've seen announced on various websites are good old Pinckney Benedict, for "Mercy" in Ontario Review (congrats Pinckney!), and Melanie Rae Thon for a story in Agni.


Didi Menendez said...

Patricia Smith also won for "The Way Pilots Walk" and Lorna Dee Cervantes for "Shelling The Pecans". I am googling today looking for other winners. It would be great if Pushcart were to announce winners on their web site.


Clifford Garstang said...

Hey, thanks for that new info!

I guess Pushcart wants you to buy the book to find out who won!