Friday, December 15, 2006

VCCA Day 2

I got a fair amount of work done today, especially in the morning. In the late afternoon I took a walk in the woods and came back to sketch out both the story I'm going to work on tomorrow and another one that I decided would work in the collection. At 4:30 some of the fellows gathered in the main Fellow's kitchen in the Barns for a Channukah celbration, this being the first night. Jan, a composer, explained to those of us who are mostly clueless what it is all about. Meanwhile, Liz was making latkes (awesome potato pancakes) which were served with sour cream and/or apple sauce. And candles were lit and Channukah songs were song. (Candles I knew about, songs were a surprise.) I went back to my studio for a while after dinner. Progress is being made!

(photo is of the Barn, where the studios are)

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