Sunday, September 24, 2006

Jim Webb for Senate--another diversion, quasi-literary

I'm not sure I would have accomplished much today anyway, but the afternoon was spent at a fundraiser for Jim Webb. It was a terrific event, crowded, with lots of donated food and drink, and Webb's appearance (he arrived early, which in my brief political experience is unheard of) was great and as he spoke about his themes and issues he became as passionate and animated as I've seen him. Considering where we are--a deep red pocket in a purple state--it was a huge success.

Oh, yeah. The reason this is a quasi-literary diversion is because Webb has published several successful novels, as I've noted elsewhere on this blog.


Patriot Fan said...

Jim webb is a racist though, how could you vote for him? Plus he likes to write in his books scenes of kids having sex.

Staunton News

Clifford Garstang said...

PF: this is a typical Replifascist lie. Allen is the proven racist. As for Webb's books, I guess you never heard of fiction?