Monday, August 28, 2006

Home from Bread Loaf

It took me 10.5 hours to drive home from Bread Loaf on Sunday. It might have been a shorter trip, but there was heavy rain in New York and New Jersey that didn't stop until well into Pennsylvania, so traffic was slow. Everything seemed fine when I got here and I picked up Bhikku this morning. He's happy to be home, but tired, as always, from 2 weeks of partying with the other dogs at the kennel.

I brought home with me:

-- a cold; my sore throat has been developing all day
-- books; lots of books
-- ideas for revision of the story I workshopped
-- renewed determination to work and submit
-- a long list of new friends


katrina said...

I hope your throat feels better, Cliff.

Mary Akers said...

Uh, oh, sounds like BLARS to me. (Bread Loaf Acute Respiratory Syndrome.) So far I've avoided it (knock wood).

Clifford Garstang said...

BLARS it is; I felt it creeping up on my on Saturday. However, I'd rather feel miserable (which I do) at home than at Bread Loaf.

katrina said...

How crummy.

Har har.