Sunday, March 19, 2006


Sitting in a coffee shop last week, I was approached by a young woman who was pretty easy to identify as a reporter--pen poised, notepad open. She wanted to know if I played Sudoku. I didn't. The local paper, The News Leader recently added a daily Sudoku puzzle and I guess they were trying to guage or drum up interest. She even took a picture. So there I was on the front page of the Lifestyles section, quoted as saying something useless. Complete with picture, which isn't in the web edition, I'm pleased to see.

I hadn't ever done one, but because of the story I felt obligated to try. And although I don't need any distractions, I found this website that generates new puzzles automatically: WebSudoku. Have fun!


Tribeless said...

My wife does the local paper's sudoku every day, but the damned things drive me nuts.

Mark Hubbard

Anonymous said...

I know you'll be hooked in no time. AND, I want to see that photo!

My name says Anonymous, but you know me as 'My Sister.'