Sunday, February 27, 2005

The Mired Earth

I won't dwell on the symbolism, but there's a globe, bright blue and green, stuck in a backwater pool in my creek. I noticed it yesterday afternoon, but it was still a surprise when I got up this morning and looked out. It's the only color--everything else is black or brown or three shades of gray. And there in my creek (Folly Mills Creek, source not only of the name of this blog, but also year-round gurgling bliss) was the big bobbing ball, stuck in a collage of leaves and twigs just where the flow bends, ready for the rocky cascade to the next level. And I promised I wouldn't dwell on it, but it does seem to me we're stuck right now, that forward progress is hard to come by, that it's too late (and too hard) to go back.

Tonight we're expecting up to 6 inches of snow, and up to 8 more tomorrow. I'm wondering what that will do to the earth mired in my creek.

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Mary Akers said...

This is wonderful. What a powerful image. You'll have to use it in a story sometime.