Sunday, February 13, 2005

Interview with Margot Livesey

The current issue of Fugue contains an interesting interview with Margot Livesey.

ML: "I aspire to write every day. In my ideal life I write every day from about eight a.m. to two p.m., which, of course, doesn't mean I really do that but that I'm present at my desk. I'm resisting the outside world, and if I read anythinge else, it will be something like the dictionary or a poem--not a novel or a story, not something that takes me that far away. In my actual life, my time is much more interrupted than that. So I have gotten more patient with trying to learn to write later in the day and in much less ideal conditions than I used to. When I was younger the only thing that supported me in my writing was my habits. No one cared if I wrote another story or whatever, so the routines were dreadfully important. Now that I have more support in my work, I think it's easier for me to be more flexible."

No one cared if I wrote another story, so the routines were dreadfully important.

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