Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The Return of OA

The resurrected Oxford American arrived in my mailbox today. (Or, more precisely, my mail tub. See yesterday's post.) It looks terrific, with lots to explore, including pieces by Barry Hannah, Michael Parker and Carol Ann Fitzgerald, among many others. Welcome Back!


Anonymous said...

I agree about the new OA. All I've read so far is K. Brockmeier's article on writing called "A Kind of Mystery" -- excellent.

I've enjoyed all your posts about the Paley workshop in Mexico. You've made it sound like a gorgeous place! And good luck on the revisions you say you'll be doing after her critiques.
Pam Pearce

Katie said...

I envy you and your mail tub. I want a pile of mail so big, it can only be delivered in a tub.